How to Download?


This is very easy and wouldn’t take a minute. This also means that you are helping AnimeZion stay alive. Thank you for all the support.


There are 2 types of advertisement AnimeZion is using. Don’t worry, unlike other sites, we do not use layers of multiple ads on a single link.



For example this is the download link:



Just ignore everything else on the page that doesn’t matter.

Click on the Check Box to prove you are not a robot.

Countdown (3 seconds) should start right after.

Finally, click the GET LINK button

Now, you should be redirected at the Download Page.



Again, ignore everything else on the advertisement page and see the upper right part.

Wait for the countdown (5 seconds)





Click the SKIP THIS AD





After that, you will be redirected to the Download Page.



We are using MirrorCreator to create our download links. 


Just Click the “Click to view the download links”

You should be redirected to a list of file hosting sites.


Just choose the best that suits you and you’re good to go.