Frequently Asked Questions


What is this site about?
We expect that you already know. Anyway, just head to our About page.


Why I couldn’t find this Anime here?
There can be three (3) reasons why:

  • The title contains special characters. You can try using its alternative name/s or try searching at our Anime Index
  • We don’t have it yet. Try to request it here: Request Page
  • The content was DMCAed. Meaning, it was removed from here. Contact us if you want to know where the lost gem is.


Why am I redirected to this advertisement page? What is this Skip Ad?
To keep AnimeZion alive, we have to put these ads. These ads will help us pay for the servers, hosting, site maintenance and our daily cups of coffee. We hope you do understand like how we passionately support our hobbies without begging for a penny.


How do these Ads work. How can I get to the download page.
Getting to the download page is very simple. Just follow these steps: How to Download?


What is the difference with Normal Release and (OC) Ordered Chapter Release?
Normal release is just a single file that may have a chapter indication file integrated on itself. This file indicates parts of the episode (e.g. opening song, ending song, episode part). Ordered chapter release is composed of three files. OP, ED and the episode part. OP stands for the opening song, ED stands for the ending song and lastly, the episode part. Both have exactly the same content.


How does this Ordered Chapter Release works?
Open the episode part (not the OP or ED file) and video players will automatically play the OP and ED songs at their appropriate time. So be sure to download everything and place them on a single folder for it to play the whole episode flawlessly.


What is the advantage and disadvantage of using Ordered Chapter Release?
Space saving is the advantage. You only have to have one copy of opening and ending song and video players will do the job of stitching them to the episode part when you have to watch them. Device compatibility is the disadvantage. As this will work with no problem on PCs but a hit and miss on mobile devices.


What video players do you recommend?
Anything should work fine nowadays but we recommend you to use MPC or VLC and install some good codecs out there like K-Lite Codecs.


What subbing and dubbing language do you use?
If not indicated, it is Japanese Dub and English Sub.


I found something wrong in this Anime. How to report it?
Use our Contact Page and provide us the necessary information about what you found wrong.


Why are some Anime (mostly movies) split in many parts?
Those files have large sizes that most file hosts reject. In order to upload them, we must split them into several parts. Downloading for people who have slow internet connection will be easier too.


Ok. So how do I join them? How do I get the video file?
First make sure they are on the same folder. Second, use 7zip or WinRar to open the file with 001 appended on it. Sample: file. They will be automatically combined into one video file that you can extract. You can delete the zip files after extracting the video file or keep them for future uses.


Links are dead or broken. How do I report this?
You can directly put a comment of your concern or reach to us at our Contact page.


Can anyone use the ChatBox?
Short answer is yes. As long as you respect everyone here and would not commit any disturbing behavior… you are free to use it anytime.


What is this Discord thing?
It is a community chat group for AnimeZion fans. It has tons of better features than the chatbox integrated on the site. Try it. You’ll love it.


Don’t you have Subscription Membership?
As of now, none. Maybe in the future where we can provide them features like DDL and Torrent.


I want to support and donate money to AnimeZion?
We didn’t expect this. We are in tears. Use our Contact Page and tell us how you want to donate.



Still have some questions unanswered? Contact Us